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A RocketX app's root element is the Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen. Each Tab can contain content like Publications, Web Pages or a list of Sections.

Tab Types

Shelf Tab

A Shelf Tab can contain one or more Sections which in turn contain one or more Publications. Each section can be reordered and contains a title and subtitle.

Typical use-cases:

  • Display a collection of documents in a number of Sections that combine your content into groups and categories.

Publication Tab

A Publication Tab contains exactly one Publication. This publication is displayed within the Tab and the user can read its content as if the Publication was opened using the "View" action.

Typical use-cases:

  • Display an introduction to your app
  • Provide quick access to frequently used documents by letting them reside in their own Tab

Web Tab

A Web Tab can contain an inline web browser. This feature is only available if the device is connected to the internet.

Typical use-cases:

  • Display your company's website in its own Tab
  • Embed your web shopping solution into your app
  • Add additional content and interactive elements to your app