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Supported Devices

System Requirements

RocketX Native App

  • Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer
  • iOS 8 or newer

RocketX Web App

  • Safari
  • Chrome

Devices Sizes

RocketX supports many different devices and screen sizes by adjusting its UI layout accordingly.

To provide a good user experience across all device sizes, we categorize every device into the following Size Classes by comparing the logical width of the display - this depends on the current orientation of the device.

Device Size Range Size Class Examples
0 - 599 Extra Small iPhone (portrait)
600 - 1023 Small iPhone (landscape), iPad (portrait)
1024 - 1439 Medium iPad (landscape)
1440 - 1919 Large iPad Pro (landscape)
1920 + Extra Large Desktop, etc.

Tab Layout

The "Shelf"-Tab displays a number of items in a grid-like layout. Depending on the Size Class of the device, the content is displayed in the following manner:

Size Class Show Details Thumbnail Only
XS 1 columns 2 columns
SM 2 columns 4 columns
MD 3 columns 6 columns
LG 4 columns 8 columns
XL 5 columns 10 columns