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Android Apps

Required Assets

An app contains a number of resources and assets that are built into the application file.

App Icon

Please provide a high-resolution version as a PNG file:

  • PNG file format (not JPEG due to compression)
  • Square format, at least 1024 by 1024 pixels
  • No cropped borders or edges
  • No transparency

We will embed the app icon into the application file.

Replacing/Updating an existing app

In order to update (or replace) an app that has already been deployed to the Play Store (and might already have an installed user base), we require you to provide us with the keystore files that have been used to compile and sign the previously submitted apps.

The Keystore contains cryptographic keys that are used to sign Android application files (APKs or AABs) and application bundles.

Typically the keystore file is a small file with a file ending of ".keystore" or ".jks".

In addition to the Keystore file, we require the following information about the file:

  • Keystore Password
  • Key Password
  • Alias Name

If you don't plan to replace an existing app in the Play Store, this extra step is not neccessary. We will generate a new Keystore file for you and if required, send a copy to you in a secure manner.

Releasing an Update

We provide regular updates for your app by uploading them into your Google developer account.

These updates appear in your Internal testing track and are automatically available for testing on your devices before releasing the updated app to the Play Store.

In order to release a new version of your app to the public:

  • Open the Google Play Developer Console.
  • Select your app from the list of apps.
  • From the sidebar navigation menu select Release management » App releases.
  • For the Production track click Manage.
  • Click CREATE RELEASE in the upper right corner.
  • Click ADD FROM LIBRARY and select the new version of your app.
  • Finally, update the Release name to reflect the new version number and update the Release notes to reflect the changes in the update.